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[VID/ENG SUB] *UPDATED* 140319 CNBLUE Weekly Idol Parts 1-2 FULL




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Trans by: Sophia
Subbed by: @qttbean @CNBOICEUSA
Posted by: Mari @CNBOICEUSA

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140225 SBS The Show Interview Clip

 (0:03) Host: JH, what did you think of that performance?

JH: They are real men. But enough of them, let’s talk about the next stage.

 Host: It’s the famous flower boy band we’ve all been waiting a long time for, CNBLUE.

CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody, We are CNBLUE.

(0:17) JH: Hello guys. How did you get here?

(0:20) YH: JH, that spot suits you well.

JS: really suits you well.

YH: The three of us will just stay here. Host: It does suit him.

(0:24) JS: it really does suit you well.

Host: It feels natural to have him here.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140227 Mnet Countdown Preview Clip

 Now we are going to show you how the romantic guys from flower boy band CNBLUE prepared for their comeback stage.

(0:12)This is during the filming of their new MV for the title track Can’t Stop.

But here JS, who usually raps, trying to sing the lead. But the high note is YH’s specialty.

Now we see MH on drums. The environment feels so nice.

They continue with the MV shooting. This time, YH is the main character in the MV. But he has to fall, and fall again. It’s not easy being the lead! But the bad news is we won’t get to see this scene because it got cut from the MV.

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