The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE


[★☆★] CNBLUE USA Welcomes BLUE MOON World Tour: Live in NYC & Live in LA

Dear BOICE Worldwide,

CNBLUE is finally coming to the U.S.A with their BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR and will help us ring in the new year with concert dates in NYC on January 21st and LA on the 24th of January 2014!

We at CNBLUE USA are ecstatic to be expecting our BLUE boys as its finally OUR TURN to take care of them, and that is a responsibility we hold very high so we will try our best to make sure we let them know that BOICE WORLDWIDE love and support them!

We are still working on figuring out what special projects to provide and realize that time is not on our side. Becuase of the late announcement of the concert dates, we were caught off guard and honestly didn’t think they would come at all! CNBLUE USA was just happily supporting other Fanbases during their events of support for CNBLUE, and times of need which, we will gladly continue to do whenever and however we can and because we just can’t turn down an opportunity to help our BOICE, we have depleted our funds in the process…OOOOPS! LOL. So we have to start out all over again with our savings and ask all of you to please help us out! With your generous donations, we will help to make CNBLUE’s visit to the USA a memorable one for everyone involved.

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【Site News】 Let’s Celebrate Our Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

JYH Happy Birthday 2013_by ColorMeCNBLUEDear Beautiful BOICE,

Its that time of year again where we dedicate our time and energy to one of the hardest working Leaders and Emotional Man, Jung Yonghwa!! I along with CNBLUE USA and CNBLUE Puerto Rico partnered together to help create URI Yonghwa, a very Happy 25th Birthday. We all worked hard over the last few weeks designing and planning all the details involved with our birthday cake project for Yonghwa and our ‘Lovely’ Kang Minhyuk, which we also will be celebrating and will share his cake info on June 26th. Finally the time has come to reveal what exactly we’ve been working on and also all the wonderful BOICE worldwide who sent in their love and money to help support us and make this, our FIRST PROJECT, come to fruition! But first, let’s tribute the man of the hour, Yonghwa!

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