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[NEWS/Trans] (Starcast) 2014 Lee Jungshin’s Dream: Telling Stories with Photographs

Original article:

English Trans: Hi, everybody, I’m Junshin from CNBLUE. When I was a student, I had a dream, and that dream was to use photographs to tell a story. In 2014 I had a bit of free time in our schedule to fulfill that dream. I really enjoyed being able to take pictures.

What are your dreams and plans for 2014?

CNBLUE has been active for a few years now, so instead of taking pictures, most of time we are being photographed by others. Recently I suddenly remembered my dream, so I decided to start taking photos again. The memories of learning and researching about photography when I was young flooded back to me. I felt happy thinking of those memories.

In January 2014, CNBLUE had concerts in America and Latin America. We also had to shoot for the cover and booklet for our new album. We had a very busy schedule. But despite the tight schedule, I still had chances to use my camera to document some memories for everybody.

I took my camera everywhere and took pictures of all the interesting things I saw. It was a happy time. I wanted to share with everybody what I saw, what I felt and  a few words. So I prepared this.

The day of NYC’s concert:  I usually can’t get up early, but because of the jet lag, I was able to get up extra early and decided to take an unplanned trip outside. Even though it was snowing heavily, the streets were crowded with cars and people. Everybody went about with their busy day. People waited at the traffic light. There were people asking for directions while others walked briskly to their destination.


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