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Jungshin 24th Birthday Contest Fun!


This year we are going to do something special and fun to celebrate our maknae Jungshin’s 24th Birthday.  We will be holding a special Jungshin Trivia Contest on Mon Sep 15th.  The prize will be a ‘Can’t Stop’ Album signed by Jungshin!  Please read below for the details and hope you all are able to join us in the fun!  Be sure to study everything and anything related to Jungshin!!^^


In addition, we purchased some very cute items for Jungshin’s new puppy, Simba.  (We figured Jungshin has enough clothing, accessories, etc… ^^)   The costume will be so cute for Halloween and the blue camo jacket is perfect for the cold winter months ahead in Korea.  The toys are BOICE pet-owners approved.  The customized dog tag is special to our hearts too.  Let’s hope we’ll see a photo of Simba using these items!^^

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4



[Project] Lee Jonghyun’s Birthday Completed Project & Donor List


CNBLUE USA would like to thank everyone who participated in our Lee Jonghyun Birthday Project to raise funds for the affected families of Sewol Ferry accident. On behalf of CNBLUE and in honor of Lee Jonghyun, we have successfully raised $820.33 USD!! The funds have been donated to the Korean Red Cross on behalf of CNBLUE in Lee Jonghyun’s name. Since the Korean Red Cross does not accept Paypal, we did our donation through bank wire transfer. Because of this, we are still pending the notification of our donation. When we receive this notification, we will share out to everyone. Rest assured that all your generous donations will reach this cause.

All your birthday greetings to Jonghyun have also been sent directly to FNC and below, you will find the list of donors who most graciously participated in our Jonghyun Birthday Project! Again, we sincerely Thank You all for your generous and warm hearts that will go a long way to help those in need.









Contributor’s List:

Yamina C (USA) – $50
Isabel R (Puerto Rico) – $10
Clara C (USA) – $25
Silma P (Puerto Rico) $5
Crystal F (USA) – $30
Hoe H (USA) – $20
Tran H (USA) – $20
Karla M. V (Puerto Rico) – $20
Branca K (USA) – $100
Pechr A (USA) – $100
Kathy H (USA) – $100
Sophia L (USA) – $50
Kristen W (USA) – $40
Stephanie G (Puerto Rico) – $2
Eleynmar L (Puerto Rico) – $10
Agnes L M (Puerto Rico)- $30
Karla Michelle M (Puerto Rico) – $30
Yari G (c/o Eleynmar) (Puerto Rico) – $20
Ashley D (Puerto Rico) – $5
Raisa C (Puerto Rico) – $10
Natjirapat K – (Thailand) $15.33
Griselle F (Puerto Rico) – $15
Mafer Pappe/Guido Pappe O (CNBLUE Equador) – $50
Pattie W (USA) – $25
Vicky S (USA) – $25
Maria P (USA) – $10

TOTAL: US$ 820.33


[PROJECT] Lee Jonghyun’s Birthday Project

CNBLUE USA has decided to raise relief funds for the affected families on behalf of CNBLUE, in honor of Lee Jonghyun‘s birthday instead of the cake and gifts we were planning on sending him. 

How to participate:

1. Please send in your donations through Paypal at (or click the graphic to donate). Any amount is greatly appreciated.

2. Deadline is on the 10th of May, midnight.

3. Other fanbases are welcomed to join us. Please join us in raising the funds within your respective fanbases which we can either conjoin at the end or send individually, as the united BOICE Fanclub. Please share the graphic with the fans below

For further details about the project, please email us at or tweet us @CNBOICEUSA

THANK YOU! Please continue praying for the families of the victims  as well as  the rescue teams to be safe.

 Those who have donated already, please send your birthday greetings for Jonghyun. We will compile them and send it to him so he could read them <3. Send it here: CLICK




【Site News】Let’s Celebrate Our Lee Jungshin’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

Dear Beautiful BOICE,

LJS Happy BDay 2013

It’s finally the time to celebrate the very special birthday of our Lee Jungshin! The ‘Untouchable’ CNBLUE bassist and maknae turns the ripe age of 23 years old this year, and we at CNBLUE USA have working hard to make this year a very special one for our Jungshin.

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 1

For the first part of the project, our goal is to raise about $1000 jointly as an initiative by both fanbases. CNBLUE USA’s portion would be half for the amount of $5oo to donate to the ‘BLUE SCHOOL 2’ charity, given in Jungshin‘s name. Please watch the videos to learn more about CNBLUE‘s Charity efforts. More information on our joint project can be found here!

With our project partners CNBShin, we were able to reach our donation goal and send the money to the well deserved children of Africa for the CNBLUE School Fund on behalf of Lee Jungshin!

img_2868 img_2870

Project: Happy 23rd Birthday, Lee Jungshin Birthday Cake

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 2

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【Site News】Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: CNBLUE School 2 Donation & Cake!!!

Dear Beautiful BOICE,

JS Bday Project 2013

We’re back and super happy to announce our Second Official Project and details, this time for our Sexy Bassist Lee Jungshin’s 23rd Birthday! CNBLUE USA has joined forces in collaboration with our Affiliate & BOICE family member CNBShin for the first part of this project, CNBLUE School 2, so that we can raise funds and donate to the charity in Lee Jungshin‘s name! We feel it is our great pleasure to be working with CNBShin for this project and look forward to a successful outcome!

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 1

For the first part of the project, our goal is to raise about $1000 jointly as an initiative by both fanbases. CNBLUE USA’s portion would be half for the amount of $5oo to donate to the ‘BLUE SCHOOL 2’ charity, given in Jungshin‘s name. Please watch the videos to learn more about CNBLUE‘s Charity efforts.

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 2

For the second portion of the project, we plan to send Lee Jungshin a special, custom designed Birthday Cake by Sweet 16th Bakery. Our last projects for Yonghwa and Minhyuk‘s Birthdays went so well and yielded such successful results that we were beside ourselves with joy! We were so lucky to have BOTH Yonghwa and Minhyuk publicly acknowledge CNBLUE USA by tweeting their pictures with our cakes! Honestly, it brought me so much joy personally, to know that our efforts paid off in such a big way so for this project. Here’s a reminder!!!

Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday:

IMG_3269130622 YH Weibo Post with OUR GIFTS!

Kang Minhyuk’s Birthday:

IMG_3432130628 MH Tweet with our Cake!!


Follow these easy steps to help out:

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account if you don’t already have one. In a few easy steps, after you have set up your bank account or credit card…
  3. Then click here to submit your payment to the CNBLUE USA Project Fund!

Remember, no payment is too big or small! We understand that times are hard for everyone these days so we’re not asking for much, whatever you feel you can afford is fine, even if its just a dollar! Your contribution will help us reach our goal <33

We are expecting equally successful results with our project for Jungshin because we know our BOICE will step up and help us out!! Please send all donations using Paypal address: Jungshin‘s Birthday Project donation deadline date is September 7th 2013.


[Site News] Wishing A Happy Birthday To Lovely Kang Minhyuk & Cake Project!!

KMH 23th Bday by ColorMeCNBLUEHello Lovely BOICE,

Today we would like to celebrate one of the most humble, sweet, caring young men in KPOP, our CNBLUE drummer, Kang Minhyuk who is turning 23 years old on June 28th! We worked really hard over the last few weeks to make, this our first project, come true with your help and we did it! Our cake and cupcakes made it to Yonghwa safe and sound and now its Minhyuk‘s turn to receive his Lovely gifts from ColorMeCNBLUE, CNBLUE USA, and our partner for this project, CNBLUE Puerto Rico. I want to thank all of you who made this project possible because without your donations, we wouldn’t have done it!

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【Site News】 Let’s Celebrate Our Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday & Cake Project!!

JYH Happy Birthday 2013_by ColorMeCNBLUEDear Beautiful BOICE,

Its that time of year again where we dedicate our time and energy to one of the hardest working Leaders and Emotional Man, Jung Yonghwa!! I along with CNBLUE USA and CNBLUE Puerto Rico partnered together to help create URI Yonghwa, a very Happy 25th Birthday. We all worked hard over the last few weeks designing and planning all the details involved with our birthday cake project for Yonghwa and our ‘Lovely’ Kang Minhyuk, which we also will be celebrating and will share his cake info on June 26th. Finally the time has come to reveal what exactly we’ve been working on and also all the wonderful BOICE worldwide who sent in their love and money to help support us and make this, our FIRST PROJECT, come to fruition! But first, let’s tribute the man of the hour, Yonghwa!

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