The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE




Our partner, Ktown4u is holding a special event promotion for CNBLUE USA fans only!  When you place an order, you will also be entered into a drawing to win a SIGNED album!  And yes, your purchase will count towards the Hanteo Charts!!

What you will get:

CNBLUE’s 6th Mini Album [BLUEMING] Ver A + Album Poster + Exclusive Ktown4u poster + tubed shipping inc tracking (7-10days) — All for only $26.89USD

How to Order:

Step 1: Submit payment via PayPal to for $26.89 (1 album) or $53.16 (2 albums) Please make note of your Transaction ID

Step 2: Completely fill out this form:

Step 3: Enjoy new CNBLUE music!

Note: This special pricing and shipping method is not available thru Ktown4u website.


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Hi Everyone!

Here are photos of CNBLUE USA’s rice wreath supporting 2015 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] in SEOUL.

Thank you very much for all of those who contributed! We hope to have future support projects for the boys!^^


16-1 16 16.21.24.-2 16.21.24.-1 16.21.24. t31 t25

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CNBLUE USA ‘2Gether’ Support Update

Dear USA and Boice from around the world,

This is an update on our food support project planned for CNBLUE’s second album “2gether”. As you all know, CNBLUE ended their Cinderella comeback promotions this past Saturday, and unfortunately our food support planned for CNBLUE and their staff was not carried out. We regret to say that the food support was not made possible solely by FNC.

Before CNBLUE made their comeback, we contacted the agency and they gave us a “number in line” which was 9, and told us that they would confirm the date with us soon. With that in mind, we were very optimistic and thought that we would for sure get to deliver our support, since CNBLUE had music shows, fan signs, radio shows, TV shows, other activities, about three-four weeks of promotions, and it was within reasonable waiting time. We had everything ready: the food vendor, the menu, the person in charge in Korea, our logos, greetings, and food decoration. However, their confirmation never came.

We, of course, tried to contact FNC again with no success since FNC never responded to our emails. We held on to hope till the last minute but to no avail. This is really disappointing and frustrating for us, as fans and as a fan club.  We also feel sorry towards those of you who so kindly donated for this project. We had the best intentions and will continue to do so and support CNBLUE with our hearts and your help.

Thankfully, we still can show our support to CNBLUE with our second project. With the money that was donated, we will do a rice wreath project for their upcoming Seoul concert.  We are currently under way with all the preparations for this project. We will of course update you with all the details of this project once it’s done.  CNBLUE USA still needs your support, and if you haven’t and want to support us, please do so by sending your donations to Thank you so much for your understanding.


PS: We haven’t forgotten about our promise to hold raffles to win a signed CD and other prizes. We would do so when the rice wreath project is over. Please stay tuned.

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CNBLUE USA 2Gether Support Projects

CNBLUE USA, the 1st & Largest US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE, invites you to participate on our support projects for CNBLUE’s  second full album “2gether”.


2gether Poster
Dear USA and Boice from all around the world,

Please join us on our support projects for CNBLUE’s long awaited comeback! After being 1 year 7 months away from the Korean stage, our precious boys are back with “2gether” which, as you all know, is set to be released on September 14.  Since it has been such a long time, we would like to show CNBLUE how much we have waited for them, and how happy we are that they are finally back.

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Jungshin 24th Birthday Contest Fun!


This year we are going to do something special and fun to celebrate our maknae Jungshin’s 24th Birthday.  We will be holding a special Jungshin Trivia Contest on Mon Sep 15th.  The prize will be a ‘Can’t Stop’ Album signed by Jungshin!  Please read below for the details and hope you all are able to join us in the fun!  Be sure to study everything and anything related to Jungshin!!^^


In addition, we purchased some very cute items for Jungshin’s new puppy, Simba.  (We figured Jungshin has enough clothing, accessories, etc… ^^)   The costume will be so cute for Halloween and the blue camo jacket is perfect for the cold winter months ahead in Korea.  The toys are BOICE pet-owners approved.  The customized dog tag is special to our hearts too.  Let’s hope we’ll see a photo of Simba using these items!^^

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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CNBLUE USA is Ready for KCON 2014!




Our bags are packed, air tickets checked in, car loaded… We are ready to see you at our FIRST event as a Fanbase at KCON2014!!  We have worked tirelessly in hopes of providing every BOICE a fun time at our booth, while receiving wonderful prizes of all kinds!  We also want to use this great opportunity to introduce other Kpop fans to CNBLUE.  We hope that our presence will provide love and support for these four amazing musicians and to let them know they have many fans here in the United States!!

Besides our staff, there are many individuals and fan clubs that helped us out tremendously.  We’d like to take a special moment to acknowledge and express a big THANK YOU to all of them.  Because of your generosity, CNBLUE will be properly represented at KCON2014!

Special Sponsors:
Nisa @NisaWeird
Ktown4U (formerly DVDHeaven
Blossom Petal Productions (
To Hallyu with Love (
SGBoiceLah @SGBoiceLah
Boice International Fanpage @Boice_Intl
Kayla @cnbluecoffee
Seoul Sistaah @seoulsistaah
Dawn @dawnhazelett
SGBOICES4CNBLUE @sgboices4cnblue

Patricia W
Bethany S.
Fatima Z.
Roslyn R.
Jennifer S.
Zayda G.
Sandra R.
Rosa T.
Jessica T.
Michelle P.
Josefina A.
Branka K.
Tran H.
Kathy H.
Helen L.
Clara C.
April Y.
Isioma I.

Also, Thank you to all the volunteers that will help host our booth.  We look forward to working with you to represent CNBLUE!

See you all at KCON 2014!! Remember to come by early and tell your friends to follow us at @CNBOICEUSA !



[PROJECT UPDATE] Jung Yonghwa + Kang Minhyuk Birthday Project!

We all know that Yonghwa and Minhyuk are baseball fans. CNBLUE USA is proud to have the opportunity to present two autographed Shin-Soo Choo Texas Rangers jerseys for the two birthday boys!  You may ask – who is Shin-Soo Choo?   He is one of Korea’s most treasured baseball player.  He is also 2014 Incheon Asian Games goodwill ambassador.  He signed a 7 year contract with the Texas Rangers for $130 million!   Obtaining these precious signed gifts were not easy, as  it is extremely rare to get Choo’s autograph!  But luckily, thanks to our lovely team member Sophia, she was able to help us obtain these one-of-a-kind gifts for our boys!  They will be delivered to Yonghwa and Minhyuk on June 17th.  We know they will be ecstatic upon receiving this gift!


A special THANK YOU to Mr. Choo of the Texas Rangers for gracefully signing the jerseys for Yonghwa & Minhyuk (He KNOWS he was signing the jerseys for them!).  And a HUGE THANK YOU for all the fans that participated in this project.  We couldn’t have done this without your help!  Your birthday greetings have been sent to the boys.

Here are some more detailed pictures of our gift to Yonghwa & Minhyuk:

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[PROJECT] Jung Yonghwa and Kang Minhyuk Birthday Project

CNBLUE USA is planning for special surprise birthday gifts for baseball lovers Kang Minhyuk and Jung Yonghwa.  You can find hints in the picture above as to what gifts we are planning on giving the two special boys ^^

How to participate:

Send your donations through paypal: Deadline is June 15th at 11:59 PST

For those donating, please write your birthday greetings for Yonghwa and Minhyuk. 300 WORDS MAX! English or Korean only. Send it here: CLICK

Thank you for supporting and joining our project 🙂


[Project] Lee Jonghyun’s Birthday Completed Project & Donor List


CNBLUE USA would like to thank everyone who participated in our Lee Jonghyun Birthday Project to raise funds for the affected families of Sewol Ferry accident. On behalf of CNBLUE and in honor of Lee Jonghyun, we have successfully raised $820.33 USD!! The funds have been donated to the Korean Red Cross on behalf of CNBLUE in Lee Jonghyun’s name. Since the Korean Red Cross does not accept Paypal, we did our donation through bank wire transfer. Because of this, we are still pending the notification of our donation. When we receive this notification, we will share out to everyone. Rest assured that all your generous donations will reach this cause.

All your birthday greetings to Jonghyun have also been sent directly to FNC and below, you will find the list of donors who most graciously participated in our Jonghyun Birthday Project! Again, we sincerely Thank You all for your generous and warm hearts that will go a long way to help those in need.









Contributor’s List:

Yamina C (USA) – $50
Isabel R (Puerto Rico) – $10
Clara C (USA) – $25
Silma P (Puerto Rico) $5
Crystal F (USA) – $30
Hoe H (USA) – $20
Tran H (USA) – $20
Karla M. V (Puerto Rico) – $20
Branca K (USA) – $100
Pechr A (USA) – $100
Kathy H (USA) – $100
Sophia L (USA) – $50
Kristen W (USA) – $40
Stephanie G (Puerto Rico) – $2
Eleynmar L (Puerto Rico) – $10
Agnes L M (Puerto Rico)- $30
Karla Michelle M (Puerto Rico) – $30
Yari G (c/o Eleynmar) (Puerto Rico) – $20
Ashley D (Puerto Rico) – $5
Raisa C (Puerto Rico) – $10
Natjirapat K – (Thailand) $15.33
Griselle F (Puerto Rico) – $15
Mafer Pappe/Guido Pappe O (CNBLUE Equador) – $50
Pattie W (USA) – $25
Vicky S (USA) – $25
Maria P (USA) – $10

TOTAL: US$ 820.33


[PROJECT] Lee Jonghyun’s Birthday Project

CNBLUE USA has decided to raise relief funds for the affected families on behalf of CNBLUE, in honor of Lee Jonghyun‘s birthday instead of the cake and gifts we were planning on sending him. 

How to participate:

1. Please send in your donations through Paypal at (or click the graphic to donate). Any amount is greatly appreciated.

2. Deadline is on the 10th of May, midnight.

3. Other fanbases are welcomed to join us. Please join us in raising the funds within your respective fanbases which we can either conjoin at the end or send individually, as the united BOICE Fanclub. Please share the graphic with the fans below

For further details about the project, please email us at or tweet us @CNBOICEUSA

THANK YOU! Please continue praying for the families of the victims  as well as  the rescue teams to be safe.

 Those who have donated already, please send your birthday greetings for Jonghyun. We will compile them and send it to him so he could read them <3. Send it here: CLICK