The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE




Our partner, Ktown4u is holding a special event promotion for CNBLUE USA fans only!  When you place an order, you will also be entered into a drawing to win a SIGNED album!  And yes, your purchase will count towards the Hanteo Charts!!

What you will get:

CNBLUE’s 6th Mini Album [BLUEMING] Ver A + Album Poster + Exclusive Ktown4u poster + tubed shipping inc tracking (7-10days) — All for only $26.89USD

How to Order:

Step 1: Submit payment via PayPal to for $26.89 (1 album) or $53.16 (2 albums) Please make note of your Transaction ID

Step 2: Completely fill out this form:

Step 3: Enjoy new CNBLUE music!

Note: This special pricing and shipping method is not available thru Ktown4u website.


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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140225 SBS The Show Interview Clip

 (0:03) Host: JH, what did you think of that performance?

JH: They are real men. But enough of them, let’s talk about the next stage.

 Host: It’s the famous flower boy band we’ve all been waiting a long time for, CNBLUE.

CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody, We are CNBLUE.

(0:17) JH: Hello guys. How did you get here?

(0:20) YH: JH, that spot suits you well.

JS: really suits you well.

YH: The three of us will just stay here. Host: It does suit him.

(0:24) JS: it really does suit you well.

Host: It feels natural to have him here.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140227 Mnet Countdown Preview Clip

 Now we are going to show you how the romantic guys from flower boy band CNBLUE prepared for their comeback stage.

(0:12)This is during the filming of their new MV for the title track Can’t Stop.

But here JS, who usually raps, trying to sing the lead. But the high note is YH’s specialty.

Now we see MH on drums. The environment feels so nice.

They continue with the MV shooting. This time, YH is the main character in the MV. But he has to fall, and fall again. It’s not easy being the lead! But the bad news is we won’t get to see this scene because it got cut from the MV.

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[TUTORIALS] How To Vote For CNBLUE for ALL Music Shows!

Music Show Tutorial

CNBLUE started promotions for Can’t stop on music shows. These are the things we need to do to help CNBLUE win on Music Shows.

1). Vote online for CNBLUE online for Mnet Countdown and MBC Show Champion

2). Getting CNBLUE SNS points (for Mnet Countdown and SBS Inkigayo)

3). Watch Can’t Stop MV through MBC Music Core’s website

4). Use M&tvTalk App to vote for CNBLUE for SBS Inkigayo

5). It is probably difficult for International BOICE to help with LIVE SMS voting. The instructions are here if you want to try to vote.

1). Online Voting

Mnet Countdown Global Fan Vote (10% of score)

MBC Show Champion Online Vote (15% of score)

  • Voting is every Tuesday until Sunday. You can vote 3 times a day.
  • You need a Melon ID. There are many tutorials on the web. Here is the link to a tutorial
  • Scroll down the page a little and click on the orange voting button (it’s the button below the picture of the voting box) to vote.
  • A window will pop up with a list of artists. Find CNBLUE on the list and click on the blue button on the right to vote.
  • (Note: A window will pop up and ask for your log in information, if you have not already logged in. After you log in, you will need to click on the orange voting button again.)
  • After clicking the blue button, another window will pop up and click on the blue button to confirm your vote. You can vote 2 more times for CNBLUE. Just wait a little bit before you vote again to make sure the vote registered.

2). SNS Points (35% for SBS Inkigayo and 10% for Mnet Countdown)

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[News] MNET America’s Series ‘GO!: CNBLUE’ Airs In Time for ‘Can’t Stop’ Comeback

MNET America follows CNBLUE on the heels of their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour and has the documentary footage to prove it.

Cant Stop Group Editied 2

CNBLUE is about to blow away Korea and the rest of the world with their 5th mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’ promotional comeback but a few weeks before their grand comeback tour would start, they had to bring an end one of the busiest times of their lives. Media giant MNET America, the American subsidiary of MNET Korea, spent a few days with CNBLUE for the last week of January 2014, filming their every move as they completed various industry interviews and photoshoots for the channel’s documentary styled series, ‘GO!: CNBLUE. The film crew followed the four handsome members across the United States from NYC to LA and then to Mexico City as the band brought the American leg of their ‘BLUE MOON’ tour to a close.

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[☆Info] How International BOICE Can Support CNBLUE for ‘Can’t Stop’ Comeback

Hello Beautiful BOICE,

Here is one of the most important posts you will ever read, or at least for now it is! As you all know CNBLUE is about to comeback with their 5th Korean mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’ which is dropping on February 25th 2014! YES IN THREE DAYS!! This informational post is chock full of all you need to know to get CNBLUE the most SNS Points this comeback! In case you aren’t aware, the 4 major music shows listed below rate the artists during comeback for the amount of fan support they get so that’s how the Idol groups that win at the end of the shows win the most points! The points are counted from all the tweets we send that use the correct hashtags and several other ways. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS UP AHEAD!


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