The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

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[☆] CNBLUE USA 2014 In Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 90,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

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[Project] Lee Jonghyun’s Birthday Completed Project & Donor List


CNBLUE USA would like to thank everyone who participated in our Lee Jonghyun Birthday Project to raise funds for the affected families of Sewol Ferry accident. On behalf of CNBLUE and in honor of Lee Jonghyun, we have successfully raised $820.33 USD!! The funds have been donated to the Korean Red Cross on behalf of CNBLUE in Lee Jonghyun’s name. Since the Korean Red Cross does not accept Paypal, we did our donation through bank wire transfer. Because of this, we are still pending the notification of our donation. When we receive this notification, we will share out to everyone. Rest assured that all your generous donations will reach this cause.

All your birthday greetings to Jonghyun have also been sent directly to FNC and below, you will find the list of donors who most graciously participated in our Jonghyun Birthday Project! Again, we sincerely Thank You all for your generous and warm hearts that will go a long way to help those in need.









Contributor’s List:

Yamina C (USA) – $50
Isabel R (Puerto Rico) – $10
Clara C (USA) – $25
Silma P (Puerto Rico) $5
Crystal F (USA) – $30
Hoe H (USA) – $20
Tran H (USA) – $20
Karla M. V (Puerto Rico) – $20
Branca K (USA) – $100
Pechr A (USA) – $100
Kathy H (USA) – $100
Sophia L (USA) – $50
Kristen W (USA) – $40
Stephanie G (Puerto Rico) – $2
Eleynmar L (Puerto Rico) – $10
Agnes L M (Puerto Rico)- $30
Karla Michelle M (Puerto Rico) – $30
Yari G (c/o Eleynmar) (Puerto Rico) – $20
Ashley D (Puerto Rico) – $5
Raisa C (Puerto Rico) – $10
Natjirapat K – (Thailand) $15.33
Griselle F (Puerto Rico) – $15
Mafer Pappe/Guido Pappe O (CNBLUE Equador) – $50
Pattie W (USA) – $25
Vicky S (USA) – $25
Maria P (USA) – $10

TOTAL: US$ 820.33


[Album Review] CNBLUE ‘Can’t Stop’ Churning Out Hits With Their 5th EP

CNBLUE comes back on the Korean music scene, sporting a more mature look and sound for their 5th mini album. Let’s take a closer look with this album review of ‘Can’t Stop’.

Cant Stop Group Editied

It has been a little over a year since CNBLUE released new tracks for their Korean fanbase leaving their fans waiting patiently for their return to Korea’s flourishing KPOP scene. In the meantime, the four member band has been busy literally touring the world on a musical tour around the globe. Their ‘BLUE MOON’ 2013-14 world tour took the young men all over Asia, Australia and North and South Amerca over a span of 10 months. CNBLUE made history being the first Korean band to tour around the world, for a young band of four, that’s a really big accomplishment yet even still, they don’t let one achievement cool off before they are onto the next hurtle to jump.

Finally having time to focus on their home-base, CNBLUE released their fifth extended play album ‘Can’t Stop’ and title track MV of the same name, on February 24th 2014 which topped the pre-order charts earning them the highest numbers on any of their previous albums in Korea. Since the enormous success of their last album, ‘RE:BLUE and its title track ‘I’m Sorry’, which was written and composed by group members lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa and lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun respectively, CNBLUE decided to come back strong with yet another self written album. This time around the band takes a different direction than expected for the fifth mini album and resurfaced with a British Rock tone as well as mature subject matter. Yonghwa takes the lead on album production as well as composing and writing the lyrics for five out of the six tracks, leaving Jonghyun in charge of his own unique composition.


[News] MNET America’s Series ‘GO!: CNBLUE’ Airs In Time for ‘Can’t Stop’ Comeback

MNET America follows CNBLUE on the heels of their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour and has the documentary footage to prove it.

Cant Stop Group Editied 2

CNBLUE is about to blow away Korea and the rest of the world with their 5th mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’ promotional comeback but a few weeks before their grand comeback tour would start, they had to bring an end one of the busiest times of their lives. Media giant MNET America, the American subsidiary of MNET Korea, spent a few days with CNBLUE for the last week of January 2014, filming their every move as they completed various industry interviews and photoshoots for the channel’s documentary styled series, ‘GO!: CNBLUE. The film crew followed the four handsome members across the United States from NYC to LA and then to Mexico City as the band brought the American leg of their ‘BLUE MOON’ tour to a close.

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[☆Info] How International BOICE Can Support CNBLUE for ‘Can’t Stop’ Comeback

Hello Beautiful BOICE,

Here is one of the most important posts you will ever read, or at least for now it is! As you all know CNBLUE is about to comeback with their 5th Korean mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’ which is dropping on February 25th 2014! YES IN THREE DAYS!! This informational post is chock full of all you need to know to get CNBLUE the most SNS Points this comeback! In case you aren’t aware, the 4 major music shows listed below rate the artists during comeback for the amount of fan support they get so that’s how the Idol groups that win at the end of the shows win the most points! The points are counted from all the tweets we send that use the correct hashtags and several other ways. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS UP AHEAD!


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[★Info] CNBLUE USA’s ‘Can’t Stop’ Heaven Album Pre-order Event

Hello BOICE,

CNBLUE USA here letting you know that we have partnered up with to hold our very first album purchasing event for United States BOICE ONLY! We are super excited to welcome CNBLUE back with another album and promotional events. We want to help them get the most sales and support for this album. ‘Can’t Stop’ will be CNBLUE‘s 5th mini album but more importantly, it is COMPLETELY written and composed by Lee Jonghyun and Jung Yonghwa with Yonghwa taking responsibility for the albums’s production so it is really important that we help them to sell the most copies EVER!! Let’s show CNBLUE how much we love them!!

Unfortunately, we will only taking Domestic orders for this event because we want to move quickly to make sure everyone gets their item quickly. However, if you are overseas BOICE and would like to help us with sales, please email us for more information. Please, help us support CNBLUE for their newest album ‘Can’t Stop’ which will be released on January 24th 2014 so time for pre-ordering is running out!!

How to Support For CNBLUE ‘Can’t Stop’…Deadline for pre-order is February 23rd 2014!


Please click and fill-out the form: ORDER FORM


Follow these easy steps to help out:

   1. Visit
   2. Create an account if you don’t already have one. In a few easy steps, after you have set up your bank account or credit card…
   3. Then click here to submit your payment to the CNBLUE USA Project Fund!

We accept payment through PayPal:


Please Read the information below carefully and submit your payment. For questions/concerns, Contact us:

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[News | VId] 140215 CNBLUE Featured as ‘Headliner’ for February by Mnet America

Hallyu Rock band CNBLUE are being featured as ‘Headliner’ for the month of February for Mnet America’s special program.

Headliner - CNBLUEvlcsnap-2014-02-15-12h01m06s131

CNBLUE has been one of the most hard working bands Korea has unleased since their debut in 2010. Just four years later, CNBLUE has made history by completing a first ever World Tour that has never before been attempted by a Korean band, earned countless awards for their musical capabilities and album sales, and have even won awards for their acting abilities. CNBLUE started 2014 with the premiere of their Japan exclusive movie, ‘Never Stop’, celebrated a fourth anniversary from their debut, and successfully completed the American leg of their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour with two concerts in NYC & LA and three more in Mexico, Peru and Chile, all with the month of January.

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[Review] CNBLUE Rock The USA with ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour 2014: Live in NYC & LA

Hallyu Rock band CNBLUE Rock the U.S.A with two stops added to their hugely successful ‘BLUE MOON’ World tour in New York City and Pasadena, California.


CNBLUE has been touted an Idol band, flower boy actors, rock stars, composers and lyricists, but now they can add ‘World Tour Star’ to their list of titles. CNBLUE is the first ever Korean band to set out on a tour around the world, and have finally made good on their word to bring their ‘BLUE MOON’ world tour to the U.S. and Latin America with five dates in total for the first month of 2014.

On January 20th 2014, CNBLUE set foot on U.S. soil for the first time since 2012 when they last arrived for the 2012 SBS KPOP Super Concert held in Los Angeles in October of that year. Since then, the quartet set out on a non conventional plan to launch on a world tour, no band from their country had ever attempted to do so. In April of 2013, CNBLUE launched their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour 2013 in Taiwan and hit cities all over Asia and even making two stops in Austrailia. Since then, fans in the U.S. patiently waited their turn for ‘BLUE MOON’ in the United States. Finally, last December, with just a little over a month to prepare, CNBLUE announced their plans to visit New York City and Pasadena.

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[Project Support] CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in NYC & LA

Dear BOICE Worldwide,

We are super excited yet super overwhelmed trying to get everything set and ready for BMUSA! We haven’t had much luck with getting anymore info from FNC or the organizers about certain details about what sort of projects and other forms of support are allowed so since there is not much time left for us before the first concert, we are letting you all know what you can do to show your support to us and CNBLUE! We are currently working with some East Coast BOICE who are helping us plan the following agenda for the upcoming events, but we are asking all BOICE to show your support with your small donations so we can make the necessary provisions.

From what we know, the outside of the Best Buy Theater is literally on the city sidewalk, and there is limited space inside as well. We don’t know what the Pasedina Civic Center will allow as far as banners and flowers on site since they still have yet to reply to our inquiries.

This is our Agenda List of Gifts and Events We Have planned:
Items already prepared:

Vintage Rock Band T-shirts for each of the guys.

  • YH: Bon Jovi
  • JH: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • JS: Mr. Big
  • MH: Maroon 5

Each Member:

  • YH: Aromatherapy Candles, bath items, Custom Converse Sneakers
  • JS: Various Photography books, encouraging his love for photography
  • MH: Vintage American baseball memorabilia
  • JH: Personalized guitar case cover with over 15 custom patches representing the countries CNB have performed

These and more gifts are being prepared by us and will be sent by postal service since we don’t have another surefire method of delivery of the gifts to CNBLUE.

Fan Gifts, Ideas & Details for both Venues

1.) Welcoming CNBLUE at the Airport

—Banners to Welcome members at the airport

**We need to obtain CNBLUE’s travel information for when they arrive to NYC & LA respectively ahead of time** FNC nor the organizers have not replied to our emails inquiring more information so If anyone has any idea of how to obtain this information, we would be most appreciative!

2.) Fan Pre-Concert Meetup: Handouts for fans (Limited Supplies)

—flyers / business cards
— Special present Giveaway Prizes, ie. “PRESENT” Albums and Posters ~ Most generously provided by BOICE @h3artands3oul ... (thank you so very much for your awesome gifts ^^/)

We are also trying to figure out how to have a small pre/post concert meet up at both locations. For more information on that, please visit CNBLUE USA’s Events page.

Please be aware and understand that here in the US, the venues are not like they are in most of Asia and other parts of the world where they make allowances for banners and other support to be displayed and set up. We know you all want to show your love to CNBLUE, but we are limited with what we can do so for that we apologise. It will be difficult for us to arrange those things since we are not all located in the same areas and our team only consists of four dedicated BOICE providing this support project voluntarily as well as a few others who have contacted us to help as well so we are trying very hard to figure out what to do for you all at this time.
We are accepting donations, please donate any amount you can to the following PayPal account: CNBLUEUSA@GMAIL.COM


Brought to you by:

CNBLUE East Coast ~ BOICE Maria Paz

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