The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE


Music Show Tutorial

CNBLUE started promotions for Can’t stop on music shows. These are the things we need to do to help CNBLUE win on Music Shows.

1). Vote online for CNBLUE online for Mnet Countdown and MBC Show Champion

2). Getting CNBLUE SNS points (for Mnet Countdown and SBS Inkigayo)

3). Watch Can’t Stop MV through MBC Music Core’s website

4). Use M&tvTalk App to vote for CNBLUE for SBS Inkigayo

5). It is probably difficult for International BOICE to help with LIVE SMS voting. The instructions are here if you want to try to vote.

1). Online Voting

Mnet Countdown Global Fan Vote (10% of score)

MBC Show Champion Online Vote (15% of score)

  • Voting is every Tuesday until Sunday. You can vote 3 times a day.
  • You need a Melon ID. There are many tutorials on the web. Here is the link to a tutorial
  • Scroll down the page a little and click on the orange voting button (it’s the button below the picture of the voting box) to vote.
  • A window will pop up with a list of artists. Find CNBLUE on the list and click on the blue button on the right to vote.
  • (Note: A window will pop up and ask for your log in information, if you have not already logged in. After you log in, you will need to click on the orange voting button again.)
  • After clicking the blue button, another window will pop up and click on the blue button to confirm your vote. You can vote 2 more times for CNBLUE. Just wait a little bit before you vote again to make sure the vote registered.

2). SNS Points (35% for SBS Inkigayo and 10% for Mnet Countdown)


Gaon Social Chart Website

–       Watching Can’t Stop MV on Gaon Website = 1 SNS point;

–       Can watch multiple times. Just have to wait a while before you watch again.

–       TUTORIAL

–       After watching MV, share on facebook/twitter/me2day = 1 more SNS point



–       Watch/Like/Comment Can’t Stop MV on CNBLUE official YouTube channel

–       Tips: Watch video from start to end (no pause/no fast forward) with sound >50%. Refresh/replay will not increase view count. You need to search for MV again. You need to delete history/cookies/cache after a few views. Try watching in Incognito Mode for Chrome and Private Browsing mode for Firebox/IE. Then all you need to do is open a new tab and close the old tab.

–       Watch/Like/Comment CNBLUE performances when uploaded on TV station’s Official YouTube Channels

–       Please don’t forget to like and comment. They count for SNS points too


Facebook: Like/comment/share all posts on CNBLUE official facebook page



–       RT all tweets from CNBLUE official twitter accounts & any comeback related news

–       Keep tweeting/searching 씨엔블루 / CNBLUE / Can’t Stop

–       Use #씨엔블루 and #CantStop for music shows

–       Use #CNBLUE and #CantStop to trend world wide

–       Need to put words between the 2 hashtags or the tweet may be considered spam

–       RT tweets containing those hashtags (10 RT = 1 SNS point)

–       We need to keeping doing this until the end of their promotions for Can’t Stop

3). YouTube MV Views for MBC Music Core (10%)

  • For MV view to count, we need to watch it through MBC Music Core’s Website.
  • Go to
  • Find Can’t Stop on list of songs and click on pink TV icon to the right.
  • Only one view per IP address per week will count. The list is updated every Wednesday.

4). SBS Inkigayo Vote using M&tv Talk App (엠앤TV톡)

  • Pre-Show Vote (5%): Every Monday to Sunday (vote once per week)
  • Live-Show Vote (for top 3) Sundays 3:50-4:50PM KST (Vote once during LIVE Show)
  • Vote using the mobile app: M&TV Talk (엠앤TV톡)

5). Live SMS Voting Information

  • Voting must be done during LIVE broadcast. At the beginning of the show, the hosts will announce the top artists and then the voting starts.
  • Votes before or after the voting period will not count.
  • It’s very important to VOTE ONLY ONCE!
  • MUST use Korean Language name 씨엔블루; 82 is Korea Country Code
  • International SMS charges will apply unless you find a free option
  • Online: There are many websites that provide free international SMS services
  • Mobile: There are also Apps that allow free international SMS
  • Mnet Countdown (Thursdays 6:00PM-7:30PM KST)
    • Vote if CNBLUE  is in the top 2
    • Text 씨엔블루  to +822566 or 00822566
  • MBC Show! Music Core (Saturdays 4PM-5PM KST)
    • Vote if CNBLUE is a 1st place nominee
    • You must vote for 2 artists. Vote for any of the other 1st nominees
    • You must separate the 2 names with a comma but no space (example for CNBLUE and Beast:  씨엔블루,비스트)
    • Text 씨엔블루,#### to + 820505 or 00820505
  • SBS Inkigayo (Sundays 3:40PM – 4:50PM KST)
    • If CNBLUE is in the top 3
    • Text 씨엔블루 to +821245 or 00821245
    • You can vote using M&TV Talk App if you’ve downloaded the App.

Here is some basic information for all the Music Shows

–       KST = Korean Standard Time

  • MBC Show Champion (Wednesdays 6:00PM KST)
  • Mnet Countdown (Thursdays 6:00PM KST)
    • 50% Digital Single Sales
    • 10% Album sales
    • 10% Social Media Score (YouTube Official MV + SNS data)
    • 10% Global fan vote + age preference
    • 10% Broadcast score
    • 10% Live SMS voting (for top 2 artists only)
    • TUTORIAL FOR Mnet Countdown
  • KBS Music Bank (Fridays 6:10PM KST)
    • 65% Digital Chart
    • 5% Album sales
    • 20% Broadcast time on KBS
    • 10% Viewer favorite
  • MBC Show! Music Core (Saturdays 4:00PM KST)
    • 70%  Physical and Digital Sales
    • 10% Music video views (through MBC website)
    • 10% Committee vote
    • 10% Live SMS voting (for 1st place nominees only)
  • SBS Inkigayo (Sundays 3:40PM KST)
    • 60% Digital Sales (Gaon digital chart)
    • 35% SNS points (Gaon Social chart)
    • 5% Advance Viewer Vote (Using M&TV Talk App)
    • 10% Live SMS vote (for top 3 artists only)

Tutorials by Emma(emyran215)


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