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CNBLUE USA [BLUEMING] Food Support for M Countdown Comeback Stage!

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BLUEMING Food Sticker2

CNBLUE USA has successfully delivered delicious food support to CNBLUE members, as well as over 18 FNC staff members!  We couldn’t have done this without the love and support of US & International BOICE.  We hope the boys and staff have enjoyed their meals and we wish them all a successful BLUEMING comeback! 

Deluxe Meal Set for CNBLUE Members:

XCEL4991 RILD4822 BODF3104 PXEE6737 FGUD5880 CHVW0941 CYDE5887

Meal Sets for FNC Staff:

DCRY3781 VKYP4290 POUC6443 EVRE9866

Thank you again for your trust & support!


Author: qttbean

☆The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb - the greater the view from the finish line ☆ ♡ Burning OT4! ♡ Sold my soul to JYJ, CNBLUE & @CNBOICEUSA ☆ ~USA~

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