The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE


[VID/ENG SUB] *COMPLETED* 140302 CNBLUE SBS Comeback Show Parts 1-5

Video source: akfnzh syj /  Transcript by: Sophia & Emma. Subbed by:@qttbean @CNBOICEUSA

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140225 SBS The Show Interview Clip

 (0:03) Host: JH, what did you think of that performance?

JH: They are real men. But enough of them, let’s talk about the next stage.

 Host: It’s the famous flower boy band we’ve all been waiting a long time for, CNBLUE.

CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody, We are CNBLUE.

(0:17) JH: Hello guys. How did you get here?

(0:20) YH: JH, that spot suits you well.

JS: really suits you well.

YH: The three of us will just stay here. Host: It does suit him.

(0:24) JS: it really does suit you well.

Host: It feels natural to have him here.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140227 Mnet Countdown Preview Clip

 Now we are going to show you how the romantic guys from flower boy band CNBLUE prepared for their comeback stage.

(0:12)This is during the filming of their new MV for the title track Can’t Stop.

But here JS, who usually raps, trying to sing the lead. But the high note is YH’s specialty.

Now we see MH on drums. The environment feels so nice.

They continue with the MV shooting. This time, YH is the main character in the MV. But he has to fall, and fall again. It’s not easy being the lead! But the bad news is we won’t get to see this scene because it got cut from the MV.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140228 Music Bank Interview Clip

Starts at 0:10

Host: There are two artists making comebacks.

TVXQ: Hello, Everybody, We are TVQX.

(0:18) CNBLUE: Hello, everybody. We are CNBLUE.

Host: You are both more experienced colleagues that we can learn from. Can you give us a little glimpse of your comeback stages for the fans? We are all curious.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140302 Inkigayo Interview Clip

Female host: They never stop their passion for music.

Male host: Can’t Stop, CNBLUE. Welcome.

(0:06) CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody. We’re CNBLUE.

Male Host: So good to see you guys. The title track is named ‘Can’t Stop’. What kind of song is it?

(0:11) JH: It’s about how we can’t stop the love for our music. YH composed it.

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A secret meeting with CNBLUE

YH: Hello, We are CNBLUE

On a moonlight night
In a mysterious atmosphere, the four men found the secret room

elleQ: What have you been up do?
YH: We will release our new album soon. Please like it and look forward to it. We are also preparing for our comeback stages.

elleQ: What Can’t you Stop doing?
JS: For me, it’s concerts. Can’t Stop doing concerts.
JH: Can’t Stop music.
YH: Can’t Stop eating.

elleQ: Say something to our readers.
YH: Please like our album. Thank you Elle for taking such good photos of us. We will work hard to do better in our activities and music. This has been CNBLUE. Thank you
MH: Please like Can’t Stop.

 Video source: Falling Run Youtube /  Transcript by: Emma(emyran215@CNBOICEUSA

Please do not take without proper credit/permission!! Thank you!

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140301 CNBLUE Guerrilla Date



Bold Italics = voice over narration

Guerrilla Date, Start

“They are here, for a date on the streets”

Host: Flower boy band who’s taken the world by storm, CNBLUE!

CNBLUE greets everyone.

Preview clip. “Just like the spring we’ve been waiting for, flower boy band CNBLUE is back. They just ended the world tour they’ve been on since last year, and they’ve brought us their new album. It’s been a while seeing all four of them together.” 

(In preview clip) YH: I’m getting off at this stop.

“In the time away from the public, they’ve gotten more handsome. Guerrilla date, start!”

YH: If you are seeing this message, please come to the subway station. (They all laugh)

JS: We are starting now?


CNBLUE walking down stairs into Subway station.

“Four men who are prettier than flowers. Today, we are starting with a special date in the subway. I hear that this is their first time taking the subway since their debut. What will happen?” CNBLUE walks into subway station and buy tickets.

On platform

CNBLUE (greeting the crowd): Hello. We’ve released a new album.

JS (to a female commuter standing on platform): Like CNBLUE?

Female: Like a lot, really like you, ever since ‘I’m a loner’.

JS: Who would you choose as boyfriend ?

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