The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

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[NEWS] Why CNBLUE’s long-run should be spotlighted

CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ is having a long-run, getting continuous supports from many fans.According to daily charts for March 17th, CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ was ranked 9th on Melon, 6th on Monkey3, 11th on GENIE, 12th on Mnet, 12th on Olleh Music, 15th on Naver Music, 18th on Soribada, 17th on Cy Music, 19th on Bugs, and 24th on DAUM.

Many people might find that CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ is not as overpowering, compared to SoYou x JunggiGO’s ‘Some’, 2NE1’s ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Gotta Be You’, and Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr.’

However, the reason why CNBLUE needs to be the spotlighted is because they are competing with songs of their own compositions.

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[Album Review] CNBLUE ‘Can’t Stop’ Churning Out Hits With Their 5th EP

CNBLUE comes back on the Korean music scene, sporting a more mature look and sound for their 5th mini album. Let’s take a closer look with this album review of ‘Can’t Stop’.

Cant Stop Group Editied

It has been a little over a year since CNBLUE released new tracks for their Korean fanbase leaving their fans waiting patiently for their return to Korea’s flourishing KPOP scene. In the meantime, the four member band has been busy literally touring the world on a musical tour around the globe. Their ‘BLUE MOON’ 2013-14 world tour took the young men all over Asia, Australia and North and South Amerca over a span of 10 months. CNBLUE made history being the first Korean band to tour around the world, for a young band of four, that’s a really big accomplishment yet even still, they don’t let one achievement cool off before they are onto the next hurtle to jump.

Finally having time to focus on their home-base, CNBLUE released their fifth extended play album ‘Can’t Stop’ and title track MV of the same name, on February 24th 2014 which topped the pre-order charts earning them the highest numbers on any of their previous albums in Korea. Since the enormous success of their last album, ‘RE:BLUE and its title track ‘I’m Sorry’, which was written and composed by group members lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa and lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun respectively, CNBLUE decided to come back strong with yet another self written album. This time around the band takes a different direction than expected for the fifth mini album and resurfaced with a British Rock tone as well as mature subject matter. Yonghwa takes the lead on album production as well as composing and writing the lyrics for five out of the six tracks, leaving Jonghyun in charge of his own unique composition.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140225 SBS The Show Interview Clip

 (0:03) Host: JH, what did you think of that performance?

JH: They are real men. But enough of them, let’s talk about the next stage.

 Host: It’s the famous flower boy band we’ve all been waiting a long time for, CNBLUE.

CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody, We are CNBLUE.

(0:17) JH: Hello guys. How did you get here?

(0:20) YH: JH, that spot suits you well.

JS: really suits you well.

YH: The three of us will just stay here. Host: It does suit him.

(0:24) JS: it really does suit you well.

Host: It feels natural to have him here.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140227 Mnet Countdown Preview Clip

 Now we are going to show you how the romantic guys from flower boy band CNBLUE prepared for their comeback stage.

(0:12)This is during the filming of their new MV for the title track Can’t Stop.

But here JS, who usually raps, trying to sing the lead. But the high note is YH’s specialty.

Now we see MH on drums. The environment feels so nice.

They continue with the MV shooting. This time, YH is the main character in the MV. But he has to fall, and fall again. It’s not easy being the lead! But the bad news is we won’t get to see this scene because it got cut from the MV.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140228 Music Bank Interview Clip

Starts at 0:10

Host: There are two artists making comebacks.

TVXQ: Hello, Everybody, We are TVQX.

(0:18) CNBLUE: Hello, everybody. We are CNBLUE.

Host: You are both more experienced colleagues that we can learn from. Can you give us a little glimpse of your comeback stages for the fans? We are all curious.

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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140302 Inkigayo Interview Clip

Female host: They never stop their passion for music.

Male host: Can’t Stop, CNBLUE. Welcome.

(0:06) CNBLUE: Hello, Everybody. We’re CNBLUE.

Male Host: So good to see you guys. The title track is named ‘Can’t Stop’. What kind of song is it?

(0:11) JH: It’s about how we can’t stop the love for our music. YH composed it.

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