The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

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[NEWS] American Billboard Spotlights CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’


America’s Billboard highly praised CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ album.On February 24th(local time), America’s Billboard headlined a detailed article about CNBLUE(Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin)’s 5th mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’.

They wrote, “After earning its biggest hit on the K-Pop Hot 100 yet last February with the angsty “I’m Sorry,” CNBLUE returns with “Can’t Stop,” which sounds sure to send the rock-pop outfit to the upper rankings of the chart again despite a 180 in sound.”

They went on, “Opening with a tender piano solo by lead vocalist/guitarist Yonghwa, “Can’t Stop” automatically sets a romantic mood despite somber lyrics about losing a lover. The production grows more intricate but keeps its affectionate feel with soft percussion and low bass strums.”

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