The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

SBS Inkigayo M&TV Talk App

Here is the link if you want to share this tutorial.

Pre-voting: Every Monday 12AM KST – Sunday 11:59PM KST (vote once per week)

Live Show Vote (if CNBLUE is in the top 3) Every Sunday 3:40PM KST – 4:50PM KST (vote once during live show)
The App is available for both iOS and Android devices

1). Search for ‘tvtalk’ in App store

2). It is the App made by Infobank Corp. Download App.

3). Open App. Swipe to last screen and click on yellow button to Sign Up

4). Next Screen, check the two boxes to agree to terms of service. Click Next.

5). Next Screen will ask for your information. (In order going down)


Password (must be more than 6 characters)

Last Name, First Name



Box: if you allow others to view your gender/birthday.

Click the ‘Next’ box

6). Next Screen asks you to enter your country & phone number

  • First box is for country. It is preset to Korea. Change your region to your country.
  • Enter your phone number in the next box with area code
  • A screen will pop up and ask you to confirm your cell phone number and that a text message containing a 4 digit code will be sent to you phone
  • Check your messages. It may take a few minutes to receive your code.

7). Go back to App and enter it. (It will be the box below your phone number). Click Next.

8). Next Screen will ask if you wish to Sync with Contacts. Leave ON or Turn OFF Click on yellow ‘Okay’ button.

9). You will be taken to the main page. Click on the picture of the three music show hosts

10). Find CNLBUE on the list and click on the yellow box next to it. A box will pop up asking you to confirm your vote. Click on the yellow button. A box will say you have voted successfully. Click Next.

11). There will be a blue check mark next to CNBLUE.


Troubleshooting Tips

– If unable to download the App, you may need to change Country/Region for iTunes Store to Korea

– If unable to change to correct country and enter phone number: You may need to change the Language on your phone to Korean. NOTE: you will need to know you country name in Korean first, so you know which one to pick.  

I followed a picture tutorial on to download the App. See Below.



Tutorial by Emma(emyran215)


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