The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

BOICE Family

Here is a list of BOICE Fanbases that we consider our BOICE Family! If you are part of an active CNBLUE  Fanbase or Fansite or an individual member of CNBLUE, and would like to Affiliate with CNBLUE USA, Please fill out the form below and provide us with your website, Twitter, and email address and a brief message of how you found out about us and why you would like to Affiliate with us!


LOGO_CNBLUE4INASmall Banner319722_416947198333775_254908489_nCNBShin_logo(PLAIN) logologo cnblueprgruesocamisa (1)  539379_449373831767540_214930360_n CNBMexico logo azulboice indonesia CNB Peru Logo


4 thoughts on “BOICE Family

  1. actually do yu notice that you made typo? it should be member nor memeber kkkkk

  2. I’m happy to see my banner here. Even if my website is not 100% CNBLUE, it’s a pleasure to be one of your affiliates and Boice Family~~ ^^
    Fighting for the future girls <3.

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