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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140227 Mnet Countdown Preview Clip

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 Now we are going to show you how the romantic guys from flower boy band CNBLUE prepared for their comeback stage.

(0:12)This is during the filming of their new MV for the title track Can’t Stop.

But here JS, who usually raps, trying to sing the lead. But the high note is YH’s specialty.

Now we see MH on drums. The environment feels so nice.

They continue with the MV shooting. This time, YH is the main character in the MV. But he has to fall, and fall again. It’s not easy being the lead! But the bad news is we won’t get to see this scene because it got cut from the MV.

(0:48) This is CNBLUE during their photo shoot for their new album.

But why are they holding a camera? Not missing a moment, they are taking pictures of each other. They are really like family members to each other.

(1:03) YH: Is it good?

Always checking, picture turned out good, YH?

(1:10) They continue with the photo shoot. Where is this? Don’t be scared. This is the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

What did YH see to make him so surprised? What is it?

(1:23) YH: New York. It’s the Statue of Liberty.

There is the four them posing handsomely for the photo shoot.

(1:33) MH: It’s really so pretty. In this camera, not me, but the scene behind me, is really pretty. It would nice to see the final video. Please capture more of it.

MH seems to be in a bright mood. You feel happy just looking at him.

Now more details of CNBLUE’s preparing for their comeback stage.

(2:06) JS: Long time no see, Mnet Countdown.

(2:16) MH: Good morning.

(2:20) YH: It’s been two years since we were last on Mnet Countdown. Actually, I’m still not used to being in our comeback promotions yet. Very nervous. Have to do well.

(2:43) YH: The album is called Can’t Stop. The title track goes by the same name, Can’t Stop. This album is in a different style  from our previous albums.

(3:12) CNBLUE: At 6pm. CNBLUE’s comeback stage on Mnet Countdown! Stay tuned.

YH: Mnet Countdown.

MH: Can’t stop me now.

 Video source: akfnzh syj /  Transcript by: Emma(emyran215@CNBOICEUSA

Please do not take without proper credit/permission!! Thank you!


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