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[NEWS] Why CNBLUE’s long-run should be spotlighted

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CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ is having a long-run, getting continuous supports from many fans.According to daily charts for March 17th, CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ was ranked 9th on Melon, 6th on Monkey3, 11th on GENIE, 12th on Mnet, 12th on Olleh Music, 15th on Naver Music, 18th on Soribada, 17th on Cy Music, 19th on Bugs, and 24th on DAUM.

Many people might find that CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ is not as overpowering, compared to SoYou x JunggiGO’s ‘Some’, 2NE1’s ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Gotta Be You’, and Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Mr.’

However, the reason why CNBLUE needs to be the spotlighted is because they are competing with songs of their own compositions.

From ‘Re:BLUE’ album, CNBLUE started presenting songs of their own compositions, and ‘Can’t Stop’ is fully composed of tracks of the members’ own compositions.

While ‘Re:BLUE’ focused on CNBLUE’s versatility, ‘Can’t Stop’ expresses CNBLUE’s identity, and the direct that they will go in the future.

Regarding this album, Jung Yong Hwa said, “Personally, I think that this album indicates the direction that CNBLUE will head to in the future. Even though this album includes many British pop styles, we still tried to not lose the spirit of Asia. I think that this format fits us very well.”A great number of people have made high compliments for the overall quality of the album. Kim Bada, who gets called as a rock maestro, said, “These boys sound like Beatles of early days,” and a great number of other people said, “They got much more mature, and the album’s quality is very high.”

The quality of the album is getting proved not only by music chart rankings, but by the listeners’ reactions. When just releasing the album, CNBLUE members said, “We were very happy when people around us started talking specifically about the songs instead of saying casual congratulations.”

These days, people tend to evaluate young bands by their appearances and the merit that they hold as ‘idol stars’.

CNBLUE could not get away from such measurements, and they had to suffer a lot of criticisms as well. However, they did not lose their identity as a rock band, and kept pioneering their way.

Young ages, the frequency of TV appearances, the number of fans, the number of love songs should not be used as measurements for evaluating bands. For instance, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith have released a great number of love songs, but they are still being praised as legends.

What people should consider when evaluating bands are the quality of the songs, their passion, and efforts. CNBLUE’s long-run is very meaningful for the fact that it is clearly showing that rock and band music have potential in Korean domestic pop market.

Source: StarN News /Reporting by Choi Hyun-Jung


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  1. This can’t be stated better.
    Great article.

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