The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

[Project Support] CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in NYC & LA


Dear BOICE Worldwide,

We are super excited yet super overwhelmed trying to get everything set and ready for BMUSA! We haven’t had much luck with getting anymore info from FNC or the organizers about certain details about what sort of projects and other forms of support are allowed so since there is not much time left for us before the first concert, we are letting you all know what you can do to show your support to us and CNBLUE! We are currently working with some East Coast BOICE who are helping us plan the following agenda for the upcoming events, but we are asking all BOICE to show your support with your small donations so we can make the necessary provisions.

From what we know, the outside of the Best Buy Theater is literally on the city sidewalk, and there is limited space inside as well. We don’t know what the Pasedina Civic Center will allow as far as banners and flowers on site since they still have yet to reply to our inquiries.

This is our Agenda List of Gifts and Events We Have planned:
Items already prepared:

Vintage Rock Band T-shirts for each of the guys.

  • YH: Bon Jovi
  • JH: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • JS: Mr. Big
  • MH: Maroon 5

Each Member:

  • YH: Aromatherapy Candles, bath items, Custom Converse Sneakers
  • JS: Various Photography books, encouraging his love for photography
  • MH: Vintage American baseball memorabilia
  • JH: Personalized guitar case cover with over 15 custom patches representing the countries CNB have performed

These and more gifts are being prepared by us and will be sent by postal service since we don’t have another surefire method of delivery of the gifts to CNBLUE.

Fan Gifts, Ideas & Details for both Venues

1.) Welcoming CNBLUE at the Airport

—Banners to Welcome members at the airport

**We need to obtain CNBLUE’s travel information for when they arrive to NYC & LA respectively ahead of time** FNC nor the organizers have not replied to our emails inquiring more information so If anyone has any idea of how to obtain this information, we would be most appreciative!

2.) Fan Pre-Concert Meetup: Handouts for fans (Limited Supplies)

—flyers / business cards
— Special present Giveaway Prizes, ie. “PRESENT” Albums and Posters ~ Most generously provided by BOICE @h3artands3oul ... (thank you so very much for your awesome gifts ^^/)

We are also trying to figure out how to have a small pre/post concert meet up at both locations. For more information on that, please visit CNBLUE USA’s Events page.

Please be aware and understand that here in the US, the venues are not like they are in most of Asia and other parts of the world where they make allowances for banners and other support to be displayed and set up. We know you all want to show your love to CNBLUE, but we are limited with what we can do so for that we apologise. It will be difficult for us to arrange those things since we are not all located in the same areas and our team only consists of four dedicated BOICE providing this support project voluntarily as well as a few others who have contacted us to help as well so we are trying very hard to figure out what to do for you all at this time.
We are accepting donations, please donate any amount you can to the following PayPal account: CNBLUEUSA@GMAIL.COM


Brought to you by:

CNBLUE East Coast ~ BOICE Maria Paz

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Author: MariMynxx Designs

Mari ~ kpop to nail art☕ From blogging, writing about kpop & music reviews to sharing nail art!

25 thoughts on “[Project Support] CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in NYC & LA

  1. It’s killing me that I can’t get to either concert but I’ll try to make a donation.

    • Thank you Sam, I really feel bad that you aren’t going. I know there’s nothing I can do or say to make you feel better cuz I know how it sucks so bad, not going. I wish there was a way for you. All I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart and send you a huge virtual hug & kiss!!

      Thanks for always supporting us <33

  2. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Korean Rock Fan and commented:
    Awesome teamwork ladies!!!!!

  3. ohhh mahhh gahhh I wish I was going ): I wish you guy the best of luck performing ;D

  4. i will be going yay!! but im really worried. its my first concert so i dont know what to do and expect…i dont know what i should take (would it be weird if i took one of those posters that they usually have in music shows?) will there be goods to buy? what time should i get there? im going to the pasadena one. and i posted a previous comment on fanchants…are people going to participate?

    • Hi Again Maria,

      Great to know you’re going to LA, I’ll be there, God willing! My guess would be do what feels right for you as far as bringing signs with you! Its ok to show you’re support for the band or one member in particular with a sign.

      I’m sure you won’t be the only one there going alone and don’t know what to expect. This will be my first FULL length concert experience too and I’m 30ISH so don’t feel bad! I’m sure you’ll see me there handing out stuff to the crowd but if not, start talking to whoever is standing next to you! This is the perfect time to talk about CNBLUE because everyone there will be a fan so please, don’t feel like you will be alone because BOICE will be all around you!

      As I stated before, the fan chants are not going to be organized so if you want to yell them out, by all means do it but we’re not going to prepare any chants for the crowd.

  5. would there be like a banner project for the boys?

  6. I’m going to the concert..yayy!!! I’m really excited but at the same time Im worried since is my first concert…I don’t know what to expect , I don’t know want to look like a loner since I really don’t know anyone…. but I really want to meet more BOICES and make the best of it..:)

    • I feel like I already answered a comment like this! Don’t worry about going alone, when you get to the venue and you’re standing on the line, turn to the person standing near you and smile or just say hello! The odds are he or she is there alone & for the first time too! Start start a conversation!! There will be BOICE all around you!

      Btw, look for CNBUSA members handing out freebies!

  7. I cannot believe that my hubby is letting me go on a school night!!! I am so excited! Will be bringing a friend who is a singer but new to the kpop and CNBlue craziness! Hope to see more noonas in the venue!

  8. Yay! I can’t wait to see other boices there ^.^ Omg, you’re going to hand out freebies? I want a light stick so baaaad 😦 I was going to buy one, but no time for shipping. How can I find you guys to get one ? O; how early will you guys be going there?

    • Yes, there will be some freebies so its a good idea to look out for CNBLUE USA team members. We are handing out lightsticks for most of the audience but they arent the official CNB BLUE MOON ones, just basic light sticks.

  9. ooohh, isee! That’s good enough!(: How early will you guys be there? O; Because I have no idea how early I should go and I want to meet you guys.

    • Well since it’s general admittance then you should get there as early as you can so that you can get a good spot in the audience! We’ll have some members and other volunteers there really early so there really is no specific time! We’ll be there and we’ll make it known so just keep your ears and eyes peeled heheh

  10. is there a specific time/location for the handouts? and how do i spot the team members?
    thanks for all your effort in planning this! i’m really looking forward to the concert!!!

  11. can’t wait to meet other boices!!! i’ll be there with my best friend! ^-^

  12. I’m so excited! I will be at BMLA tomorrow!! I hope to meet you all! Thanks for all this hardwork!!

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