The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

CNBLUE USA is Ready for KCON 2014!

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Our bags are packed, air tickets checked in, car loaded… We are ready to see you at our FIRST event as a Fanbase at KCON2014!!  We have worked tirelessly in hopes of providing every BOICE a fun time at our booth, while receiving wonderful prizes of all kinds!  We also want to use this great opportunity to introduce other Kpop fans to CNBLUE.  We hope that our presence will provide love and support for these four amazing musicians and to let them know they have many fans here in the United States!!

Besides our staff, there are many individuals and fan clubs that helped us out tremendously.  We’d like to take a special moment to acknowledge and express a big THANK YOU to all of them.  Because of your generosity, CNBLUE will be properly represented at KCON2014!

Special Sponsors:
Nisa @NisaWeird
Ktown4U (formerly DVDHeaven
Blossom Petal Productions (
To Hallyu with Love (
SGBoiceLah @SGBoiceLah
Boice International Fanpage @Boice_Intl
Kayla @cnbluecoffee
Seoul Sistaah @seoulsistaah
Dawn @dawnhazelett
SGBOICES4CNBLUE @sgboices4cnblue

Patricia W
Bethany S.
Fatima Z.
Roslyn R.
Jennifer S.
Zayda G.
Sandra R.
Rosa T.
Jessica T.
Michelle P.
Josefina A.
Branka K.
Tran H.
Kathy H.
Helen L.
Clara C.
April Y.
Isioma I.

Also, Thank you to all the volunteers that will help host our booth.  We look forward to working with you to represent CNBLUE!

See you all at KCON 2014!! Remember to come by early and tell your friends to follow us at @CNBOICEUSA !



Author: qttbean

☆The steeper the mountain, the harder the climb - the greater the view from the finish line ☆ ♡ Burning OT4! ♡ Sold my soul to JYJ, CNBLUE & @CNBOICEUSA ☆ ~USA~

One thought on “CNBLUE USA is Ready for KCON 2014!

  1. Where will your booth be located at KCON??

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