The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140218 SBS ‘The Show News’

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CNBLUE album’s title track details revealed for the first time.

(0:29) JS: I really like the lyrics.

(0:31) YH: It’s not a sad song, but it feels sad.

(0:36) JS: A Satoori(Busan Dialect) version would be nice.

(0:38) MH: That’s disrespectful to the composer.

(0:39) YH: I don’t mind.

(0:40) MH: really?

(0:45) YH: I think it’s our best MV. (JS agrees) We’ve never had to film for 2 days straight. We filmed through the night.

(0:51) MH: the feeling goes well with flowers.

(0:53) JS: like rose petals, like blowing cherry blossoms

(0:55) YH: All this time I thought the falling/blowing flowers were CG

(0:58) JS: Honestly, it didn’t make sense how different variety were falling/blowing

(1:04) YH: This time I’m the drummer.

(1:07) JS: I’m playing guitar.

(1:08) JH: I’ll play the clapper.

(1:22) JS: Still filming.

(1:25) MH: Turn it! off. Turn it off! Off!

Video source: akfnzh syj /  Transcript by: Emma(emyran215), Sophia @CNBOICEUSA

Please do not take without proper credit/permission!! Thank you!


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