The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE


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A secret meeting with CNBLUE

YH: Hello, We are CNBLUE

On a moonlight night
In a mysterious atmosphere, the four men found the secret room

elleQ: What have you been up do?
YH: We will release our new album soon. Please like it and look forward to it. We are also preparing for our comeback stages.

elleQ: What Can’t you Stop doing?
JS: For me, it’s concerts. Can’t Stop doing concerts.
JH: Can’t Stop music.
YH: Can’t Stop eating.

elleQ: Say something to our readers.
YH: Please like our album. Thank you Elle for taking such good photos of us. We will work hard to do better in our activities and music. This has been CNBLUE. Thank you
MH: Please like Can’t Stop.

 Video source: Falling Run Youtube /  Transcript by: Emma(emyran215@CNBOICEUSA

Please do not take without proper credit/permission!! Thank you!


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