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[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140301 CNBLUE Guerrilla Date

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Bold Italics = voice over narration

Guerrilla Date, Start

“They are here, for a date on the streets”

Host: Flower boy band who’s taken the world by storm, CNBLUE!

CNBLUE greets everyone.

Preview clip. “Just like the spring we’ve been waiting for, flower boy band CNBLUE is back. They just ended the world tour they’ve been on since last year, and they’ve brought us their new album. It’s been a while seeing all four of them together.” 

(In preview clip) YH: I’m getting off at this stop.

“In the time away from the public, they’ve gotten more handsome. Guerrilla date, start!”

YH: If you are seeing this message, please come to the subway station. (They all laugh)

JS: We are starting now?


CNBLUE walking down stairs into Subway station.

“Four men who are prettier than flowers. Today, we are starting with a special date in the subway. I hear that this is their first time taking the subway since their debut. What will happen?” CNBLUE walks into subway station and buy tickets.

On platform

CNBLUE (greeting the crowd): Hello. We’ve released a new album.

JS (to a female commuter standing on platform): Like CNBLUE?

Female: Like a lot, really like you, ever since ‘I’m a loner’.

JS: Who would you choose as boyfriend ?

She grabs JS’s arm with her hands, indicating she’s choosing him. JS laughs and they have a shoulder bump greeting while rest of the CNBLUE members all laugh with each other.

“A very exciting way to show you like someone”

JS (while laughing): I’m so thankful

CNBLUE gets on subway.

“How will commuters react to CNBLUE appearing on the subway?”

“Jung Yonghwa, who likes to shake hands, starts to shake everyone’s hand.” While YH shakes everyone’s hand one by one while passing out CDs.

JS & MH, to a Mom sitting with her son in her arms, “Do you know CNBLUE?”

Mom: “No I don’t know.”

“How can she not know CNBLUE?”

MH(gives her a CD and tries to introduce CNBLUE to her): “We are a popular artist in Korea.”

Mom: I don’t follow these things.

Clips of CNBLUE taking pictures with everyone

“Let’s take pictures first. “

JS and MH stand on either side of a female commuter.

JS: I’m getting off at the next stop. (I guess they are acting like how a guy would hit on a girl)

“What should she say? What should she say?”

Female (hesitates and giggles): Please go well.

JS laughs, embarrassed.

CNBLUE taking more pictures with everyone on the subway cart.

“If this ends now, it’ll be too bad. Let’s continue to the streets, to meet everyone.”

They are now on the street.

YH: The real date starts now.

YH goes to hug host while saying: I’ve really missed you.

Host: on the 24th, released album. Name is

CNBLUE: Can’t Stop.

JH: YH who used to play guitar, plays the piano for this album. There are some changes. We wanted to show  everyone a different side of us.

Host: There are a lot of singers other than CNBLUE making comebacks at the same time.

JS: We are not really thinking about any of that. We just want to focus on our music and to enjoy our promotions.

Host (to JS): You speak well now, improved a lot.

JS goes to shake host’s hand as thanks.

Host: YH, who do you think got more popularity this past year?

YH: Through ‘Gentlemen’s Dignity’, JH got more popular. Through ‘Heirs’, MH got more popular.

Host: Do you think Kim Woobin is handsome?

MY: Oh, very handsome. He’s a real man’s man.

Host: More handsome than Yonghwa?

MH (quickly replies): NO.

Host: JS, who’s more handsome, Kim Woobin or Jung Yonghwa? (During this question, YH laughs so hard he bends over)

JS: Yonghwa is more handsome.

Host: It’s no joke, YOU are the big brother of CNBLUE.

YH: I know how to raise the dongsangs (younger brothers)

JS: That’s how I grew so well.

YH: I’m feeling proud.

“Upon hearing the dongsangs say he’s more handsome than Kim Woobin, YH got more excited and started to shake hands again. At this time, a female fan screamed.”

Female Fan: “Ahh, SO HANDSOME!! Wow!! Awesome.!!Awesome!!”

Host: “Who do you think is the most handsome? 1, 2, 3”

Fan goes to shake JS’s hand. JS then hugs her.

Host asking another female: “Who do you think dated the most girls? 1, 2, 3”

Female points to YH. (YH fist pumps as if he won)

Host: Yonghwa, he’s happy. Reason?

Female: He just looks it. (Everyone laughs at her reason)

Host: You mean because he’s too handsome.

Host: You can’t hug all of them, can only pick three.

She hugs JS first. Then quickly hugs JH. YH and MH both act nervous. MH turns to look away.

Host: This is nerve wrecking, isn’t it. Who will be the last?

“This is more nervous than the stage. Who will the female fan pick?”

After deliberation, she hugs MH. YH looks sad.

Host: YH, this is embarrassing.

JH and MH both hug YH to ease his embarrassment.

Host discovers a foreign female, “Come here, hi.”

YH notices she’s wearing a Big Bang baseball cap.

Host: You are wearing a Big Bang hat. Do you like Big Bang or CNBLUE?

Female (with no hesitation): Big Bang.

CNBLUE members all burst out laughing.

Host: Who do you like in Big Bang?

Female: Taeyang.

Host: Say something to Taeyang on air. Message  Taeyang in front of CNBLUE.

Female: I love you, Taeyang.

Female then indicates she wants to hug JS.

Host: You want to hug JS? Okay.

She goes to hug JS.

JS: Taeyang, I love you.

“For the fans’ enjoyment, let’s hear their new song.”

JH plays acoustic guitar while YH sings Can’t Stop

“Let continue to chat with the four boys at a different location.”

In coffee shop

Host: How does it feel to be filming TV programs together after so long?

JH: Even though we haven’t been on TV programs for a while, we never stopped having concerts in the last year.

JS: I feel a stronger sense of responsibility towards CNBLUE.

Host: Have you thought about writing songs for other artists?

YH: I did for artists at our company, Juniel and AOA. If things work out, it would be nice to write for other artists too.

Host: Earning a lot of royalties?

YH: Slowly saving while plundering it.

Host: I hear Song Eun Hee joined your company,

MY: I said I like her (as an elder colleague), and she takes care of me. But the reporting got blown out of proportion, as if we really like each other (meaning romantically)

YH (teasing MH): you mean you lied when you said you like her. Now the truth comes out. ‘As if we really liked each other’

MY gets embarrassed and laugh.

Host: You are now on your fifth year. Tell us about your first impressions of each other.

YH (referring to JH): We came together to Seoul to audition, from Busan to Seoul. At the train station in Seoul, we knew instantly the moment we saw each other, because our clothes stood way too much, so unfashionable.

YH: Since I’m going to Seoul,  I chose my outfit with extra care. I wore all red with the lettering QB, and a red hat. New York style (Hip hop style) track suit. Even had a pink jacket.

JS: I thought I was going to faint.

JH (pointing to host’s question cards): “This kind of pink.”

Host: But you thought you looked very cool in that outfit right?

YH: They were brand new. (Everyone laughs) I didn’t even look at the closet at home. For Seoul, you had to go shopping for new clothes.

“Next, we prepared the game Truth or Lie” (I don’t know what this game is, but I’m guessing they put their hands on this machine while they answer a question. The machine will indicate whether they are telling the truth or lying. If they lied, their fingers get electrocuted. )

JS is first.

Q : Is there a girl group that you particularly like?

JS: No. The hand machine indicates he’s telling the truth.

JS: so nerve wrecking.

MY is next.

Q: Do you feel like you’ve changed after you’ve gotten famous?

MH: No. Machine indicates he’s telling the truth.

Host: MH is good

MH: I didn’t change.

YH (teasing again): That isn’t something you can feel yourself.

YH is next. He’s nervous.

“Someone who hates getting shots, he can’t even put his fingers on the machine.”

Q: Amongst the members, my acting skills are the best.

YH: Yes, that’s right. Machine indicates he’s lying and he gets electrocuted on his fingers.

YH: The electricity prick on the finger tips, it’s strange.

Host: Next time we’ll come more prepared, so everyone can feel more electricity.

“A date with four attractive guys who you can’t help but like.”

CNBLUE each autographs a clear plastic board, then puts on red lipstick and kisses the transparent board to leave an imprint of their lips.

 Video source: yfftw , Cam Transcript by: Emma(emyran215) @CNBOICEUSA

Please do not take without proper credit/permission!! Thank you


One thought on “[VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT] 140301 CNBLUE Guerrilla Date

  1. I didn’t really like it when the host picked a fan wearing big bang cap. Bcos they shld be asking fans who like cnblue….since it’s a date with cnblue!

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