The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

[VIDEO/TRANS] 131031 Class of 2014 College Scholastic Ability Test Support Message

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Members: hello this is CNBLUE
MH: It’s going to be CSAT time, are you prepared everyone?
JH: ??
YH: I’ve taken the test…
JS: You did well? (very sarcastically)
YH: I did very well..Call..Since I’m doing a job I love
YH: I believe do your best and you’ll get your best result
YH: Take lots of sweets; I heard its not good to suddenly eat too much in the morning; Do it like your normal routine
JS: We say Fighting to support you
JS: Shall we say fighting together?
All members: Republic of Korea Fighting! This was CNblue
JS: Eat chocolate, Eat it twice!

Source: CNBLUE Youtube / Trans: Sophia @CNBOICEUSA


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