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[NEWS/Trans] (Starcast) 2014 Lee Jungshin’s Dream: Telling Stories with Photographs


Original article:

English Trans: Hi, everybody, I’m Junshin from CNBLUE. When I was a student, I had a dream, and that dream was to use photographs to tell a story. In 2014 I had a bit of free time in our schedule to fulfill that dream. I really enjoyed being able to take pictures.

What are your dreams and plans for 2014?

CNBLUE has been active for a few years now, so instead of taking pictures, most of time we are being photographed by others. Recently I suddenly remembered my dream, so I decided to start taking photos again. The memories of learning and researching about photography when I was young flooded back to me. I felt happy thinking of those memories.

In January 2014, CNBLUE had concerts in America and Latin America. We also had to shoot for the cover and booklet for our new album. We had a very busy schedule. But despite the tight schedule, I still had chances to use my camera to document some memories for everybody.

I took my camera everywhere and took pictures of all the interesting things I saw. It was a happy time. I wanted to share with everybody what I saw, what I felt and  a few words. So I prepared this.

The day of NYC’s concert:  I usually can’t get up early, but because of the jet lag, I was able to get up extra early and decided to take an unplanned trip outside. Even though it was snowing heavily, the streets were crowded with cars and people. Everybody went about with their busy day. People waited at the traffic light. There were people asking for directions while others walked briskly to their destination.


js1 js2

I tried to capture those moments with my camera.

NYC first gave an impression of being a bit cold, or rather unfamiliar is a better word. But with the sun rising and thinking of the upcoming concert, my heart slowly warmed.


During the photo shoot for our new album Can’t Stop, we visited the Brooklyn bridge.

I brought my camera to the photo shoot, thinking maybe by chance there’ll be something interesting to shoot. But this photo turned out to be one of my favorites. The temperature that day was -15. Maybe because it was the love I received from our fans at our concert, the Brooklyn Bridge looked welcoming  and made me think of the warm memories from the day before.

Luckily, I always have very good subjects to photograph around me, our members. Past memories always pop into my head as I take photo of our members. It’s seems to be more fun photographing people.

js4 js5 js6 js7

After NY and LA, we continued the tour to Latin America. It’s my first time in Peru, a country vastly different from NY.

Our concert was outdoors in Peru, so there was plenty to photograph. I always photograph YH hyung, because he gives the best pose. This is when we ended our concert rehearsal. It’s always fun to take pictures with our leader YH. And he never forgets to take a picture of me, the resident photographer.


Do you see the fans behind YH, waiting for our concert?

Yes, it was embarrassing, but YH still posed for me.


In a country so far away, there are people who knew about our concerts and there are fans who support us.  That really makes me proud. Through this World Tour, we now know that we have so many fans supporting us. But at the same time, the responsibility on our shoulders grows heavier.


This is a picture our guitarist JH walking around before rehearsal. I secretly sense he’s very particular when it comes to being photographed.  I can’t find a picture where he’s not moving. Even though he’s not a cooperative model, his skin is so white…just like yogurt.


The next photo is MK during rehearsal. In my camera, MY appears the least. I don’t know why. But why does MY always look so cool in my pictures? Why does MY look cooler in my photos than he is in person.

js12 js13

Chile was the final destination of our tour. The day before the concert, we needed to prepare footage for our comeback show on SBS to be aired on March 2nd, so we went to see the local sights(shooting footage was really just an excuse to see the sights). I saw this child in a restaurant and I thought he looked very innocent, so I took a picture of him. I think he suits one the song in our new album, Child’s song.

In Chile, we saw a lot of beautiful structures and statues. We used this trip to chase away the bad luck.


The weather in Chile was like summer weather in Korea. I felt strange to experience summer temperatures during the cold winter. Is that why everyone escape to vacation in the southern hemisphere during winter?


You can see in the pictures, everybody had a lot of fun. As I was walking, I found a group of kids sitting under the shade by the tree. We all like kids. This is YH is saying hi to the kids.


We also went to a winery. Maybe because the concert was over, everybody looked relaxed.


This is me taking a picture…while MY looks on.

Looking at the members through the lens of my camera, I thought ‘We really matured, we are men now’. This will be our fifth year. If we can continue being together, and if I can continue to capture everybody with my camera, I would feel blessed. I have a lot more pictures, but I have to stop writing now. We still lack a lot, please be understanding and supportive. I’ll continue to share my favorite photos with everybody.

Thank you reading this. Please support our album Can’t Stop, to be released on the 24th.

Source:  News.naver / Trans by: Emma(@emyran215)


4 thoughts on “[NEWS/Trans] (Starcast) 2014 Lee Jungshin’s Dream: Telling Stories with Photographs

  1. Thank you for sharing. I am old enough to be your grandmother but I enjoy each of you as separate individuals and as CN Blue. I have been following you all for 3 years and I was able to be at the Los Angeles concert. I am happy your are coming back so soon for the LA KPOP Festival. Kang Min Hyuk started my obsession with Korea to the point that I am learning Hangul. May GOD bless each of you in everything you do. Thank you again for letting us share in your lives.

  2. Thank you for translating it. After reading it, I see a different side of a Jung Shin–a sentimental side. I always thought JS is playful. I feel so touched. JS, fighting!!

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