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[NEWS] CNBLUE say, “We hope people will recognize our music as our own”

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CNBLUE finally returned after finishing a long tour.

On February 24th, CNBLUE officially released their 5th mini-album, ‘Can’t Stop’, which is filled up with songs of their own compositions and lyrics.

Jung Yong Hwa wrote five songs for the album, including ‘Can’t Stop’, the title track, and he said, “I am very happy with all of the songs.” Lee Jong Hyun, who wrote a song called ‘Sleepless Night’ said, “The CD is round and the album is angled,” quoting famous rock star Noel Gallagher.

The main concept of CNBLUE’s new album is ‘British’. They tried to express British Rock sounds that The Beatles, Blur, Oasis, Coldplay, Muse, and Keane presented, and their new songs sound much more softer and melodically.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “We took a lot of time while thinking about the direction that we should head to. Personally, I think that this album indicates the direction that we are going to go. We tried to not lose Asian identity while playing British pop style, and we also tried to make our music as ‘Korean’ as possible. We think that this style fits us very well.”

CNBLUE have presented a lot of Hard Rock style through ‘Re:BLUE’ album, and many fans might find their new British Rock style a bit unfamiliar.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “There wasn’t any particular motivation, but I found myself getting a bit more relaxed form last year, and I started listening more of British Rock. I think current direction fits CNBLUE, and I am planning to get deeper.”

One of the reasons why CNBLUE’s new album is getting particularly great reactions from many people is because it is the first album after finishing their world tour, and CNBLUE received many motivations while traveling around different countries.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “Making the setlist took a lot of work, and I fell into a mannerism while writing songs before the world tour. I was just writing songs of similar styles. The tour solved many of these problems, and this album has many motivations that I received during the tour.”

Lee Jong Hyun said, “I gained a great confidence during the tour. I met a great number of fans of ours at the other side of the earth, and this gave all of us a great confidence for our comeback.”

Lee Jong Hyun also said, “We will be starting a new tour in Korea. Seoul and Busan shows were confirmed, but the date was not decided yet.”

Another interesting fact is that America’s Billboard compared CNBLUE’s ‘Like a Child’ to Coldplay, who are England’s top rock band.


Jung Yong Hwa said, “We are all huge fans of Coldplay, and we were very happy to be compared with such a huge band. However, we hope that people will recognize our music as our own style.”

CNBLUE made a significant growth during last many years, releasing a great number of different hit songs. However, it seems that the fans just cannot get rid of their debut title track, ‘I Am A Loner’.

It’s been four years since CNBLUE officially debuted with ‘I Am A Loner’, and CNBLUE have released a lot of big hits. However, many fans still call them ‘Loner band’.

Many people still think of the ‘I Am A Loner’ style and the image that they showed before.

Jung Yong Hwa said, “We still did not get rid of the image. People just name ‘I Am A Loner’ when talking about CNBLUE. We were very lucky back then, but we will keep doing different things. We wanted to get rid of the image just until when we released ‘Re:BLUE’ album, but now, we think that we are doing what we want to do because of that image.”

Jung Yong Hwa also said, “‘Loner Band’ is a quite catchy phrase. ‘Sorry Band’ and ‘Can’t Band’ sound weird,” and :ee Jong Hyun said, “That’s just like Creep of Radio Head.”


The member lastly added, “People around us are showing very different reactions for our new album, and that’s what makes us to feel even more proud. I think many people are satisfied with it, because we are very proud of it. Efforts never betray.”

Meanwhile, CNBLUE’s comeback showcase, ‘Can’t Stop’, will air on March 3rd.

Source:  StarN  / Choi Hyun-Jung


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