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[INFO] Our Statement In Regards To CNBLUE BMUSA Travel Information


Hello All!

We heard there were some hate tweets against us for not sharing CNBLUE’s flight info from NYC to LA. The promoters have asked that we keep the details private since they did not hire a security detail and it would have been a logistics nightmare if there was a mob at LAX. Though the JFK airport (IMO) was organized and the boys still had their personal space, the promoter felt that it should not have happened at all.

CNBLUE and the fans safety and security were our #1 priority. It was a tough decision to make on our part, since we’re all about sharing information to the best of our knowledge. But the very few people who knew would like to be supportive of the company’s (unusual) request, which was also echoed by our source.

We were as surprised to see some fans present at the airport terminal, most of them just coming out from their flights or have been waiting for hours. The promoter did say that if the crowd of fans gets any bigger than our very small group, the boys would have went out a different terminal.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding it may have caused and hoping for everyone’s continued support. Till our next CNBLUE Concert in the US! 🙂

Thank you!!


5 thoughts on “[INFO] Our Statement In Regards To CNBLUE BMUSA Travel Information

  1. I am not upset that their arrival information was not shared. They deserve to make sure they are safe. What I am still devastated about was being prevented by a blizzard to attend their NYC concert. I am still crying over it. I was only 12 miles away in NJ and there was no way I could make it into the city.

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it! I almost didn’t either but thankfully my flight held up and I was able to go. Don’t worry, they will come back to see us again, very soon! Let’s pray next time we all get to go and enjoy CNBLUE together^^

  2. I completely understand and I think it was a good call. Also is it possible for you guys to find out if something was wrong with Lee Jong Hyun in LA? He seemed angry and barely acknowledged his fans. Other than introducing himself he didn’t really talk and it really bothered my sister and I because it came off as cold and rude. Thanks for doing a great job!

    • Thank you Diana! He was upset because of the tech issues that kept happening to him during his perfs, if you watch some fancams of him, you can clearly see that he started out the concert just fine and then the issues got him in a bad mood. Please don’t take his moodiness personal or as a direct reflection of how he feels about his fans. I know its upsetting that he didn’t seem into the concert, but we have to understand sometimes, we just have bad days, and that unfortunately was a bad day for him.

  3. everyone deserves to travel with the least amount of hassle. Now should you be lucky enough to be on the same flight (OMG) or in the same part of the airport at the same time and see them (up close OMG) other than that….welcome to the new millennium and travel by plane is hard. international travel even worse. Lets all just be happy they traveled without incident!! Rock on!!!

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