The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

[★☆★] CNBLUE USA Welcomes BLUE MOON World Tour: Live in NYC & Live in LA


Dear BOICE Worldwide,

CNBLUE is finally coming to the U.S.A with their BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR and will help us ring in the new year with concert dates in NYC on January 21st and LA on the 24th of January 2014!

We at CNBLUE USA are ecstatic to be expecting our BLUE boys as its finally OUR TURN to take care of them, and that is a responsibility we hold very high so we will try our best to make sure we let them know that BOICE WORLDWIDE love and support them!

We are still working on figuring out what special projects to provide and realize that time is not on our side. Becuase of the late announcement of the concert dates, we were caught off guard and honestly didn’t think they would come at all! CNBLUE USA was just happily supporting other Fanbases during their events of support for CNBLUE, and times of need which, we will gladly continue to do whenever and however we can and because we just can’t turn down an opportunity to help our BOICE, we have depleted our funds in the process…OOOOPS! LOL. So we have to start out all over again with our savings and ask all of you to please help us out! With your generous donations, we will help to make CNBLUE’s visit to the USA a memorable one for everyone involved.

CNBLUE Gifts & Ideas

Our goal for the best gifts for CNBLUE is not price, but thoughtfulness, usefulness and of course, what they like! Our gift ideas may not be the best or most expensive . We would like to let CNBLUE know that we pay attention to their needs and likes and want them to USE the gifts they receive from their US BOICE.

Items already prepared:

Vintage Rock Band T-shirts for each of the guys.

  • YH: Bon Jovi
  • JH: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • JS: Mr. Big
  • MH: Maroon 5

Suggestions For All:

  • Customized/ Personalized hats
  • CNBLUE USA Logo Guitar Picks

Each Member:

  • YH: Aromatherapy Candles, lotions, bath items, cologne, watches, idk what else he would like.
  • JS: Photography books for American vintage fashion or architecture, fashion
  • MH: Vintage like baseball memorabilia from the Yankees, LA Dodgers, whoever plays now…idk lol
  • JH: Still Open ~ though ideas of something personal that he would appreciate and use

Any ideas or suggestions for personal and thoughtful gifts will be taken into consideration so please give us some feedback =)

Fan Gifts, Ideas & Details for both Venues

1) Welcoming CNBLUE at the Airport

—Print one banner to Welcome members them at the airport
—Have the banner printed in PH delivered by Ginger who is coming from PH

**We need to attain CNBLUE’s travel information for when they arrive to NYC & LA respectively ahead of time** If anyone has any idea of how to obtain this information, we would be most appreciative!

2) Fan Pre-Concert Meetup: Prepare possible games/ handouts for fans

—CNBLUE USA business Cards
—CNBLUE USA Logo Guitar Picks
—present Giveaway Prizes, ie. “PRESENT” Album, Posters ~ Most graciously provided by BOICE @h3artands3oul ... (thank you so very much for your awesome gifts ^^/)

Brought to you by:

Please view and share the graphic designed by our own Princess!

BMUSA donation

CNBLUE East Coast ~ BOICE Maria Paz

logo cnblueprgruesocamisa (1)CNBLUE-logo-Color-me-black-2


Author: MariMynxx Designs

Mari ~ kpop to nail art☕ From blogging, writing about kpop & music reviews to sharing nail art!

8 thoughts on “[★☆★] CNBLUE USA Welcomes BLUE MOON World Tour: Live in NYC & Live in LA

  1. I wish to know where in NY are they comming

  2. I hope to see them

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  5. always LA and NY, not fair.

  6. i have a question relating to fanchants…I searched for official fanchants but only found a few….are we encouraged to learn the fanchants or it probably wont happen?

    • We’re not doing any fan chants at all during the concert unless the individuals themselves know them and want to participate that way but we are not organizing anything like that.

      For LA, we’re planning on some secret Anniversary banners for the guys so shhhhhh, don’t tell them ok heheh

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