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【Site News】Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: CNBLUE School 2 Donation & Cake!!!


Dear Beautiful BOICE,

JS Bday Project 2013

We’re back and super happy to announce our Second Official Project and details, this time for our Sexy Bassist Lee Jungshin’s 23rd Birthday! CNBLUE USA has joined forces in collaboration with our Affiliate & BOICE family member CNBShin for the first part of this project, CNBLUE School 2, so that we can raise funds and donate to the charity in Lee Jungshin‘s name! We feel it is our great pleasure to be working with CNBShin for this project and look forward to a successful outcome!

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 1

For the first part of the project, our goal is to raise about $1000 jointly as an initiative by both fanbases. CNBLUE USA’s portion would be half for the amount of $5oo to donate to the ‘BLUE SCHOOL 2’ charity, given in Jungshin‘s name. Please watch the videos to learn more about CNBLUE‘s Charity efforts.

Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: Part 2

For the second portion of the project, we plan to send Lee Jungshin a special, custom designed Birthday Cake by Sweet 16th Bakery. Our last projects for Yonghwa and Minhyuk‘s Birthdays went so well and yielded such successful results that we were beside ourselves with joy! We were so lucky to have BOTH Yonghwa and Minhyuk publicly acknowledge CNBLUE USA by tweeting their pictures with our cakes! Honestly, it brought me so much joy personally, to know that our efforts paid off in such a big way so for this project. Here’s a reminder!!!

Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday:

IMG_3269130622 YH Weibo Post with OUR GIFTS!

Kang Minhyuk’s Birthday:

IMG_3432130628 MH Tweet with our Cake!!


Follow these easy steps to help out:

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account if you don’t already have one. In a few easy steps, after you have set up your bank account or credit card…
  3. Then click here to submit your payment to the CNBLUE USA Project Fund!

Remember, no payment is too big or small! We understand that times are hard for everyone these days so we’re not asking for much, whatever you feel you can afford is fine, even if its just a dollar! Your contribution will help us reach our goal <33

We are expecting equally successful results with our project for Jungshin because we know our BOICE will step up and help us out!! Please send all donations using Paypal address: Jungshin‘s Birthday Project donation deadline date is September 7th 2013.


Author: MariMynxx Designs

Mari ~ kpop to nail art☕ From blogging, writing about kpop & music reviews to sharing nail art!

5 thoughts on “【Site News】Lee Jungshin Birthday Project: CNBLUE School 2 Donation & Cake!!!

  1. I’m frustrated, I would like to participate this time, but I have problems with my Paypal account. It doesn’t work =___= !
    Good luck girls <3.

    • Can’t you make a new account? You have plenty of time because the donations deadline is Sept. 7th so you can still be a part of this project =)

      • I found a solution (y). A friend and me will try to send donations by Paypal to represente Parasite Scene. I will also ask to French boices from Blue Impact if they want to take part of this project. We will do on August :).
        Thank you for your hard work !!

      • Wow thank you so much for your help Kimi!! You will definitely get special mentions for helping us fundraiser so thank you very much for your generosity!

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