The 1st US fanbase for Korean Rock band CNBLUE

【Pic】CNBLUE USA Wishes Jung Yonghwa ‘Happy Bday’ @ ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Manila


CNB USA Banner at BM in Manila

CNBLUE USA’s banner/standee for Jung Yonghwa’s birthday will be put on display at the concert venue for everyone, including CNBLUE (hopefully), to see. This will be displayed with other Yonghwa banners at the venue. If you see this, please take a picture and mention us on twitter @CNBOICEUSA so we can post your pictures for everyone to see!

Thank you to our admins Cess & Pinky for their quick thinking and helping CNBLUE USA to be represented at this most important ‘BLUE MOON’. It is very special to us because both Cess and Pinky are lovely Filipina so having CNBLUE perform their world tour concert in their homeland is very special. Unfortunately since they both live in California, they were not able to attend the concert in Manila but at the very least, we can still show our support to fellow Filipino BOICE and send Yonghwa a special ‘Happy Birthday’ all the way from the USA!

Special Thanks also goes to Angela, Pinky’s friend to helped organize the printing of the banner and also CNBYonghwaMJ aka @yongsarang, and Vanessa aka @jyh_rockerchic whom are on location and are responsible for setting up the banner!

I am still in awe as to actually being a part of such an awesome team of ladies, you guys all ROCK just as much as CNBLUE does in my book hehe!




Author: MariMynxx Designs

Mari ~ kpop to nail art☕ From blogging, writing about kpop & music reviews to sharing nail art!

6 thoughts on “【Pic】CNBLUE USA Wishes Jung Yonghwa ‘Happy Bday’ @ ‘BLUE MOON’ Live in Manila

  1. This is so awesome. I know when he sees it, he will be so proud of his BOICE. And have a happy birthday. Great job, I love the picture you used. YOU ROCK GIRLS!!!!!!!

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