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【Info】130420 FNC Announces Zepp Tour 2013


CNBLUE announces their Zepp Tour at the BOICE Japan Fanmeet III

Here are the tour dates:

  • Sapporo :  July 24-25
  • Nagoya :  July 23, 30
  • Fukuoka : August 1-2
  • Tokyo : August 6-7
  • Namba : August 14-15

It seems like CNBLUE’s schedule is really full and not to mention their Blue Moon Tour is still ongoing.

Best of luck to the blue boys and let’s keep supporting CNBLUE!

Source: CNBLUE Japan | via @2koukei2


9 thoughts on “【Info】130420 FNC Announces Zepp Tour 2013

  1. ZEPP Tour.. I wanna attend one day…. ZEPP Tour meaning North American World Tour being pushed back? sigh*** Aigoo!!

  2. Why on july/august ?? I would have preferred on september, I would have been able to go there.. TT haha J-Boices are so lucky ;;

  3. HI! I would like to ask where can I get the tickets? When are they going on sale? Sorry I am a Singaporean and I want to go over to Japan, except that I cannot find any information as to where to get the tickets 😦 thank you!

    • Hi! Sorry to disappoint you but There’s a reason why you can’t find Information on buying tix for the the Zepp Tour.

      Unfortunately the tix are not sold to the public, you have to be JAPAN BOICE and live in Japan and you have to win the tix through a lottery through FNC which already happened a few weeks ago! I know a few JBOICE who tried and didn’t get the tix they wanted.

      • I figured that out too after asking my friends to translate the site for me :((thank you very much though, very sweet and kind for you to reply. Appreciate it!! Thank you ♥(ノ´∀`)

      • You’re very welcome! That’s what we’re here for so if you ever have any questions or just need to know something we’re here!! You’re very sweet too hehe, take care^^

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